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Spanish, born in Madrid;


- Masters in Secondary School teaching, vocational studies and foreign languages

- Certified by "Instituto Cervantes" as Spanish Teacher as a Second Language

After living several years in Holland I generated a passion to explore different countries, their culture and people. I have a double degree in Business Administration & Financial Auditing- which has been my career over many years  in different countries.


In 2010 I specialised in Teaching in Madrid, through a Master in Secondary School Teaching, Vocational Studies and Foreign Languages-. I then started a new stage of my life, reinvented myself and traveled for a long period of time across several countries in South America and finally ended up in Australia. I worked for several years in business in Melbourne and combined my career with Spanish private tuition. I have a passion for teaching, the study and use of Spanish language and all the wonderful culture that surrounds it.


I became internationally certified as a Spanish Teacher as a Second Language and began a new phase of my life in Mexico City, founding Cervantes Studio. I later moved to Houston and  in 2017 I came back to Mdrid where I´m continuing with my passion.


Contact me at and I´ll be happy to meet you, understand your needs and how I may help.

Sonia Vílchez Rosillo



+34 652 019 605

Thanks you for your message. We will contact you asap!

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